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Reply to queries have not been posted in recent past
I have been regularly posting replies to the queries, and have been providing some sort of pratically applicable technical advice to the users. In the recent past I have noticed that the replies that I have sent do not seem to get posted, hence was wondering if there is some sort of a problem with your website.
wellwaterworks  posted 7 years 6 months ago

Need contact details of tubewell drilling companies in Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh
Dear members, I am looking for contact details for tubewell drilling companies which are located near Amalapuram, which is located within a 2 hours drive from Rajamundry,AndhraPradesh. Need to gt some work done in that area.
wellwaterworks  posted 9 years 7 months ago

Well & Water Works

wellwaterworks  posted 10 years 9 months ago