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"Meeting urban water challenges is matter of political will and priorities, not about technical solutions"
Guest post by: Parineeta Dandekar This year's World Water Week in Stockholm explored water and sanitation challenges faced by urban areas as well as the water, sanitation and equity challenges posed by urban areas. We take a look at some of the presentations and discussions that took place, especially with reference to India and South Asia.   "It would be wise to look at the world from a water lens than a CO2 lens"- Prof. Malin Falkenmark (Photo: Parineeta Dandekar)
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Dialogue on mainstreaming river basin planning, River Research Center, 9-11th August 2011, New Delhi
Organisers:  River Research Centre, KeralaLegal Initiative for Forest and Environment, New DelhiGomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development, Pune, MaharashtraManthan Adhyayan Kendra, Badwani, Madhya PradeshInternational Rivers, South Asia office, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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A compilation of original articles on rivers, dams and water management initiatives,
Urban local initiatives and government responses: A case of Dev Nadi in Pune Extreme water logging and flood situation in channelized areas in Pune - A report
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Sustainable water management initiatives in Konkan under threat - A report
Guest Post by: Parineeta Dandekar At the first sight, Daarche Paani (‘water at the doors’) appears unreal.. on a small flat plateau called ‘Sadaa’ in konkan, an elegant cobbled walkway leads a puzzled visitor to stairs carved in stone, which go down to an ancient grove, and here is an intricate system of tanks, channels and falls which supplies water to the Panderi village and goes down as a free flowing stream, to irrigate a plantation of arecanut, pepper and mangoes in a village called Gudaghe. When I visited the place, I could see three eminent visitors, a silent lady washing her load of clothes, a fairy bluebird splashing at a tank and a huge moonmoth in one of the trees. Stone walkway and ancient mango trees leading to Daarche Paani. Photo: Parineeta Dandekar
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