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Borewell depth 940 ft, static water at 420 ft and rising less than 200 feet a day - Does this indicate low water yield?
Hi, We dug a new 6.5inch borewell of 940 ft depth last week and after a couple of days when we did a camera test we observed static water level at 420 feet (i.e ~520 feet of static water). It seems to be rising by less than 200 feet a day.
nagkanti  posted 7 years 6 days ago

Borewell 940 ft, water yeild 1.5 inches, need help with motor capacity
Hi, We have a dug a new borewell in our layout and would like further assistance on deciding the next steps. Here are the details: Depth - 940ft Yield - Total 1.5 inches (650 ft - 1 inch and 830ft - 0.5 inch) Distance to the underground sump (from the borewell point) - 250ft (almost flat) Would appreciate any help in answering the following questions:
nagkanti  posted 7 years 1 week ago

Avoiding dry run of borewell pump in Bangalore, Karnataka
Hello, Our borewell pump was impacted recently due to a dry run. Is it possible to eliminate dry runs of the pump/motor. With yield decreasing continuously, I am afraid that this problem might resurface again. Regards,Nagendra
nagkanti  posted 9 years 11 months ago

Implications of leaving submersible motor in an unused borewell in Bangalore, Karnataka - Advice needed
A borewell has stopped yielding. Is it practical to leave the submersible pump in the borewell ? Or does the lack of water in the well initiate rusting of the pump and affects its performance and condition ? I have had conflicting opinions from several sources, kindly help me find a definite answer to the same. Regards,Nagendra
nagkanti  posted 10 years 1 week ago