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Lockdown puts citymakers at risk
Suddenly thrown out of work by a nationwide lockdown, the migrants who built our cities and our economies were forced to take the torturous walk away from the cities to their homes in rural India.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 day 19 hours ago

Covid-19 threatens to worsen India's water crisis
While the world has got a reprieve from pollution with emerging wildlife, cleaner air and clearer water bodies during lockdown, Covid-19 might actually be worsening the present water crisis in an inconspicuous manner. The world is still developing more clarity on safeguards that can prevent transmission, treatment and post treatment complications.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 6 days 7 hours ago

Technology to build knowledge and capacities beyond COVID
The COVID-19 crisis has brought the world to a standstill. Government, civil society and volunteers are rallying to ensure that social and economic inequalities do not dictate how this crisis draws lines between the “haves” and “have-nots”. Nonetheless, the crisis seems to have deepened the existing divide.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 week 23 hours ago

Impact of climate change on river basins in India
India has many reasons to be concerned about climate change. Its large population depends upon climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture and forestry for its livelihood.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 week 1 day ago

Covid-19: Managing the disaster in rural India
With an attempt to contain the spread of deadly Covid-19, Indian government had announced a complete nation-wide lockdown from March 25 onwards. For the first time, the provisions of the National Disaster Management Act, 2005, were invoked since the law came into being after the 2004 tsunami.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 week 5 days ago

Developing an effective participatory groundwater monitoring program at village level
The ‘Managing Aquifer Recharge and Sustaining Groundwater Use through Village-level Intervention’ (MARVI) project is being undertaken since February 2012 with the overall aim to improve the security of irrigation water supplies and enhance livelihood opportunities for rural communities in India.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 week 6 days ago

Ensuring food security in times of Covid-19
The study, ‘Covid-19 induced lockdown - How is hinterland coping’, based on a large survey undertaken by a consortium of civil society organisations undertook a rapid assessment of the impact of series of lockdowns on rural poor households.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 2 weeks 17 hours ago

Building resilience of communities during and beyond Covid-19
Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed multiple challenges in different geographies, especially for the vulnerable groups living in areas that already have existing issues of water and food security.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 2 weeks 1 day ago

Need to build inclusive cities in the post-pandemic world
When migrants headed home after Covid-19 lockdown 1.0, Sarojini was suddenly caught off-guard. She decided against moving, after an initial urge to leave for her village in Samastipur, Bihar. Her two sons stay with her at Delhi, doing daily wage labour work, while she works as a domestic help.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 2 weeks 3 days ago

Horticulture pile-up, yet farmers stare at losses in Kachchh
Kachchh: A desert oasis under peril
Amita Bhaduri  posted 2 weeks 5 days ago

Coping with Covid-19: Options before small and marginal farmers of rainfed regions
The global crisis due to Covid-19 has hit India after coursing through western Europe. India’s response to curtail the spread of the disease was quite decisive.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 2 weeks 6 days ago

Community economies - Reconstructing rural economy with ecological sustainability and ethics of equity
The exodus of migrant workers from urban areas back to their villages in the wake of country wide lockdown has brought rural poverty into sharp focus. Reconstruction of rural economy therefore needs policy and planning attention.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 3 weeks 14 hours ago

Village institutions take a lead in Covid-19 response
Covid-19 will have major implications in rural areas where the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES), a non-profit organisation has been working towards conservation of natural resources through collective action of local communities.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 3 weeks 1 day ago

Transforming lives in the Covid-19 context: MGNREGS and its potential
As India continues to unravel the actual scale of economic impacts in a world infested by the dangerous Covid-19 virus, lingering images of daily wage labourers and migrant workers attempting a near impossible walk home have been etched in public consciousness.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 3 weeks 3 days ago

Self sufficiency in the times of Covid-19
Reshamben, Manguben and Naseemben, strong women leaders of Vanita Shakti Mahila Sangathan and Ekta Mahila Sangathan, have always argued that government ration shops under the public distribution system should purchase all essential foodgrains from the local area, to the extent possible.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 3 weeks 6 days ago

Covid-19: The road back home
Raj Kumar, 32, a daily wager employed at a factory in Delhi had barely a thousand rupees in his wallet when he readied to rush back to his village in Halia block of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. On a normal April afternoon, he took the highway that leads to his district hearing about the 21-day lockdown.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 month 22 hours ago

Covid-19: Oxfam India responding with relief in 14 states
In the last one week of starting its humanitarian relief response to fight coronavirus, Oxfam India along with its partners have provided dry ration to around 40,000 poor people, cooked meals served to nearly 40,000 migrant labourers, distributed 2660 safety kits to frontline workers and reached 4.5 million people through awareness initiatives in India.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 month 3 days ago

FAQs: Faecal sludge and septage management
This primer provides the basics related to most aspects of faecal sludge and septage management. Please click on a topic to view more detailed information. What is faecal sludge and septage management?
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 month 3 days ago

Facing up to the water crisis
The conventional freshwater sources available in India are being currently overexploited, leading to widespread environmental degradation and depletion of freshwater resources especially groundwater. To sustain the needs of an increasing population and ecology, our consumption of water far exceeds the rate at which we are recharging water sources.
Amita Bhaduri  posted 1 month 5 days ago