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Women’s involvement in participatory water institutions in Eastern India
Women, major contributors in agriculture and irrigation
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Bringing back the trust: Getting our belief back in public water supply systems
The Government of India has passed a draft notification to bar membrane based systems such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) to be used as domestic purifiers in cities where the tap water is safe according to the Burea
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Suffering in silence: Migrant cane cutters of Maharashtra
Maharashtra is the second largest sugar producing state in India, after Uttar Pradesh where as high as 1.6 million farmers cultivate sugarcane on 0.7 million hectares of land. The sugarcane industry provides direct employment to about 0.16 million workers while 1.5 million workers engage in sugarcane harvesting and transport operations every year.
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Revival of non-monsoon flows in rivers
Non monsoon flows of Indian rivers are declining Recent evidence shows that monsoon flows in Indian rivers are almost unaffected, but the non-monsoon flows show a declining trend. This has manifested in the form of:
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Decentralised groundwater governance to deal with the groundwater crisis
The challenges to sustain groundwater dependency in India are many where groundwater over extraction is not only leading to rapid depletion of the resource, but also giving rise to water quality issues in a situation where the response at the level of policy continues to be lukewarm.
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