Negotiating participatory irrigation management (PIM) - A research study from the Indian Himalayas
A research paper detailing a case study of a Himalayan village that explores the inter linkages between socio- cultural, institutional & ecological factors in derailing Participatory Irrigation management (PIM) reforms. ashis posted 11 years 11 months ago

This research paper published in the Journal of Agricultural Water Management draws on a case study from a village in the Shiwalik region of the Indian Himalayas and identifies the role of diverse actors in exploiting historic and ecological factors to derail the Participatory Irrigation management (PIM) reforms to frame water management problems. The paper explores the inter-linkages between socio-cultural, institutional and ecological factors in derailing the PIM reforms. Participatory irrigation management (PIM) reforms are implemented in India to facilitate farmers’ participation in irrigation management, through water user groups.