Malaria control manual - Guidance for malaria control projects in humanitarian situations - Published by OXFAM
The report recommends that early diagnosis, treatment and community education are the basic responses that should be included in all malaria control programmes.
Posted on 20 Aug, 2011 10:32 PM

This manual on the Eldis site published by OXFAM provides guidance to public health promoters, water and sanitation engineers, project co-ordinators

Floods and heavy downpour in West Bengal in June 2011 - A rapid assessment report by Oxfam and Save The Children
Severe incessant rain led to a flood situation in several parts of West Bengal affecting 6,71,952 people across 9 districts. This resulted in 2,00,000 homeless in East & West Midnapore districts of West Bengal. This article presents an assessment report by Oxfam and Save The Children
Posted on 12 Jul, 2011 02:23 PM

Article courtesy: Corporate Disaster Resource Network

Assessment team:

Oxfam India – Mr. Pradeep Bharwad (Technical Assistance), Mr. Bhaswar Banerjee, Mr. Amit Sengupta
Save the Children - Mr. Abinash Lahkar, Mr. Piyush Kumar
Kajla Jana Kalyan Samity - Tapas Jana and Dipak Banerjee
Areas assessed: Moyna & Panskura Block of East Midnapore District of West Bengal

Assessment date: 24th June, 2011