ACT one: Anti-dam, pro-people
Along with protesting against dams, the ACT leaders are leading by example and showing people of Sikkim more constructive ways to live. Posted on 23 Apr, 2018 02:22 PM

Tenzing Lepcha, the lead activist of Affected Citizens of Teesta (ACT), is proud of his work in the last year. “All this was overgrown,” he says pointing at the orderly farm.

Tenzing Lepcha sits at the hearth of his farmstay. (Pic courtesy: Chicu)
Village heads come together to save Dzongu
In a rare show of solidarity, the panchayat leaders of Dzongu have formed a group, Save Dzongu, that cuts across political differences to save their river. Posted on 15 Mar, 2018 06:12 PM

As we sit sipping tea with him, Ugen Lepcha calmly spells out his stand. “Even if it means having to leave my (political) party, I will continue to be against dams,” he says. Ugen Lepcha, the president of Passingang gram panchayat in the Dzongu area of Sikkim, clearly has courage when it comes to his political convictions.

River Rongyoung which is sacred to the Lepchas is not yet dammed.
Get your facts right, get them to act right
Compliance with environmental laws has been a matter between the company and the government. It is changing with a group of people urging communities to participate in the process.
Posted on 31 Oct, 2016 05:37 PM

Hasdeo Arand illustrates all that is wrong with the coal mining industry today. This ancient and dense forest in Chattisgarh, inhabited by several tribes, was once famous for being an elephant corridor. Since 2013, the area has worn a different face.

People attend public hearing late into the night at New Anaya, Arunachal Pradesh.
Honestly, not the best policy changes
Changes have been proposed to existing environmental laws. We look at three such policy changes that could affect the ecosystem and local communities negatively.
Posted on 19 Aug, 2016 04:19 PM

Saileena Sarkar's introduction to the East Kolkata Wetlands began as soon as she moved to the city. She says, “The Kolkata wetlands have been a point of interest since I came to the city.

An earthmover submerged downstream of the Srinagar Hydroelectric project, Uttarakhand. By permitting contractors to begin construction on a project before the EIA is approved, the government is enabling disasters in the future.
Letting rivers flow in Nepal
Nepal, like India, is just learning of environmental flow releases. Dr.Hari Shrestha speaks of the efforts being made to increase awareness about healthy rivers in the country
Posted on 29 Mar, 2016 04:07 PM

Dr Hari Kumar Shreshta is an engineer, teacher, and a passionate crusader for healthy rivers. On a recent visit to India, he spoke with India Water Portal about the efforts to introduce the concept of environmental flows in hydropower-focused Nepal.

Prof. Hari Shreshta works towards creating awareness about environmental flows in Nepal
Think livelihoods, not only jobs
Parineeta Dandekar of SANDRP speaks to India Water Portal about how healthy rivers--and not dams--are the best employment guarantees around.
Posted on 19 Mar, 2016 04:33 PM

The theme for the 2016 UN World Water Day is 'Water and Jobs'. What is your opinion of the chosen theme?

Two men fish from a small rowboat on the placid Ramganga near Harewali
Ganga Maiyya ki Jai': Uma Bharti at the Ganga Mahasabha
Listen to (and read the text of) Uma Bharti, the Minister of Water Resources, talk about her Ministry's plans for the Ganga including riverfront development.
Posted on 15 Jan, 2015 05:57 PM

Banaras has always been identified with Baba Vishwanath but Modiji said that he had been called here by the Ganga. Ganga was thus present in the election atmosphere. When he extended the cabinet, he established a ministry for the Ganga. Some unprecedented things have happened in these elections.

Boats on the ganga
How will the Ramganga flow?
Since the 1970s, the Ramganga has been governed by dam releases. Now an ambitious project seeks to restore environmental flows in the river.
Posted on 25 Nov, 2014 02:57 PM

We sat on a charpoy in Agwaanpur and talked of flood warning systems for the Ramganga. Of all the places I had visited, Agwaanpur, probably due to its urban nature, was the only one which boasted a rudimentary system. The police would inform the Maulvi that a flood release was expected, and he would repeat the warning using the  loudspeaker normally used to summon people to prayer.

Life along the Ramganga
The eight-fold path to gender inclusion
Development workers often do not have the tools to better integrate gender issues into water planning. Here are tips to help from two women who have created gender-inclusive water management systems.
Posted on 18 Sep, 2014 09:18 AM

"The men say that the well is perennial", I said. "Do you use it"? "No", replied the women. "It might be perennial, but the water is unclean. Our dals don't cook, and there are sometimes worms in the water".

Meetings as usual: Men talk, while women watch
Uttarakhandi women 1, Ultra Tech Cement 0
Four Gram Panchayats in Uttarakhand joined forces to oppose a cement plant. They won this battle, but will India's villagers win the war?
Posted on 15 Aug, 2014 12:42 PM

When Basanti Devi entered the village of Bachwadi in Uttarakhand's Takula block on one of her routine visits, she knew that something was wrong. Instead of the normal hustle, groups of men stood about talking quietly.

Uttarakhandi women are a force to be reckoned with