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Centre for Science and Environment
Efficient waste management systems in urban India
The report by Niti Aayog and CSE on best practices looks at the entire gamut of municipal solid waste management. Posted on 14 Dec, 2021 09:17 AM

A recent report ‘Waste-wise cities: Best practices in municipal solid waste management’ released by NITI Aayog and Centre for Science and Environment documents best practices from 28 cities in 15 states of India - from Leh in Ladakh to Alappuzha in Kerala, from Indore in Madhya Pra

Wastepickers separate recyclable materials from waste at the Ghazipur landfill in Delhi  (Image: Jacqui Kotyk, 2009)
RWH: A tale of two successful states
Rainwater harvesting is a cost effective solution to bridge the gap between water availability and demand. Jodhpur and Goa, areas with low and high rainfall, have shown how.
Posted on 16 Feb, 2015 09:11 PM

As the race to bridge the gap between limited water availability and increasing demand for water narrows in India, rain water harvesting has been increasingly recommended in urban areas to harness the available water, rather than relying on expensive and unsustainable means of procuring water.  

Urban Rainwater Harvesting
Policy paper on NREGA by the Centre for Science and Environment
The policy paper by Centre for Science and Environment tries to unearth the development potential of a public wage programme like the NREGA
Posted on 13 Aug, 2009 06:22 PM

The policy brief has studied the NREGA implementation on its focus on creation of productive assets, the involvement of communities in designing their local development using the NREGA and the stumbling blocks in unlocking the development potential of the Act.