Combining nature, wisdom and science - to tackle climate change
Preserving diversity in nature by combining traditional wisdom with science can greatly help in developing healthy ecosystems to tackle climate change.
Combining nature, wisdom and science to cope with climate change (Image Source: Pankaj Oudhia via Wikimedia Commons)
Budget briefs by Accountability Initiative: Highlights from key programmes
MGNREGS: Even after the inclusion of additional funds amounting to Rs. 25,000 crores via supplementary budgets, allocations were 12 per cent less than the previous year's revised estimates
A school boy from Tilonia drinks from a tap from a rainwater harvesting tank (Image: Barefoot photographers of Tilonia)
Waghadi Bachao: A call for collective rejuvenation of the river
Working together towards restoring the river’s catchment and drainage lines
River flow improved at Jarur since soil and moisture conservation measures along the catchment area were prioritised (Image: FES)
Kaabar Tal gasps for breath
Bihar’s first designated Ramsar site, the Kaabar Tal is dying. Urgent efforts to restore the Tal are needed!
Kaabar Tal cries for help! (Image Source: Mausam Nandan via Wikimedia Commons)
Assam: Technology used to map historical ponds of Darrang
The ponds are home to birds, reptiles and amphibians; study looks at their ecological relevance
Lakhimpur pond (Image: Authors)
A ready reckoner on emissions
TERI and EDF develop a detailed air emission inventory
Smokestacks at a power plant (Image: Flickr/ Nick Humphries)
‘Fleas’ flee the Pashan lake in Pune!
Restoration efforts focusing on desilting and re-contouring of Pashan lake have added to the deterioration of the lake habitat, threatening survival of organisms such as water fleas, warn freshwater biologists Mihir Kulkarni and Sameer Padhye.
Pashan lake, threatened by urbanisation, doomed by restoration (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Tools and opportunities for climate action
While the shift to a low carbon world is essential, it is crucial that it is just and equitable and that it presents everyone with equal access to tools and opportunities to make a difference.
Solve Ninjas at work (Image Source: Reap Benefit)
Planning ahead: How the CRISP-M tool advances early climate action
A mobile and web-based tool that has the potential to increase communities’ resilience to climate change
After a successful pilot, the CRISP-M tool is planned to roll out in two districts and seven states in India (Image: CRISP-M animation)
Floodplain wetlands of the Diara region facing degradation
Ganga plays key role in regulating wetland dynamics of the region
Landscape-specific approaches instead of individual wetland-specific strategies if adopted, might help better interpret the wetland scenario (Image: Mapio)
National and international frameworks vital for implementing nature-based solutions
There is a lack of cohesive regional strategy for implementing nature-based solutions in Asia
Mangrove ecosystem (Image: Sigit Deni Sasmito/CIFOR)
Dietary diversity – key to tackle malnutrition among children
The recent NFHS-5 data finds that stunting and wasting among under five children in the country is on the rise. Why is this so? What could be the way out?
Millets for dietary diversity (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)
India State of Forest Report 2021: Key takeaways
India’s forest and tree cover rose by 2,261 sq km in the last 2 years but there was a loss of natural dense forests
ISFR 2021 tracked the forest cover in tiger reserves for the first time. Kanha tiger reserve (Image: Aditya Thaokar, Wikimedia Commons)
Systems at breaking point
State of the world’s land and water resources for food and agriculture: The synthesis report 2021
Sustainable agricultural practices lead to water saving, soil conservation, sustainable land management, conservation of natural resources, ecosystem and climate change benefits. (Image: Maheshwara, Pixahive)
Water management in the times of Gonds of Central India
The water structures constructed during the Gond period continue to survive the test of time and provide evidence of the water wisdom of our ancestors.
Kundeshwar lake, Kundam in Jabalpur (Image Source: K G Vyas)
Data - as a driver of change
Data can act as a powerful tool to tackle climate change through catalysing climate innovation and influencing decisionmaking.
Data as apowerful tool to tackle climate change (Image Source: José Manuel Suárez, Wikimedia Commons)
Book review: Water conflicts and resistance
Issues and challenges in South Asia, a region where water sharing is more than a mere physical allocation of water
Water conflicts pose a challenge to India's river water governance (Image: sarangib, Pixabay)