How the Karnataka Watershed Development Project helped Goodamma become self reliant
A success story- KAWAD helps Goodamma become self reliant
Water and Poverty - A case of watershed development in Andhra Pradesh - Asian Development Bank
A case study hat attempts to understand the potential of watershed development in addressing the issues of poverty alleviation
Progress on drinking water and sanitation - Special focus on sanitation
A report that tracks the progress on target 10 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Water supply and sanitation - Assessment - A WHO-UNICEF sponsored study (2002)
A report on the assessment of the water and sanitation situation in India in 2002
Rural water supply - Planning Commission
An article that presents a review of the government figures regarding coverage of all rural habitations in the country with good drinking water supply.
People's Learning Center for drinking water and sanitation - A case study from Gujarat
A case study on rural water and sanitation programme in Gujarat
Rural Water & Sanitation Programmes
An article on the rural water and sanitation programme in Gujarat
How to measure water percolation rate
An easy on the field method to calculate water percolation rate
How to measure slope and mark contours
A brief on how to measure slope by making use of gravity with a protractor and a straw
Watershed scale planning- Application of rainwater harvesting techniques
Two examples of a watershed scale application of rainwater harvesting techniques.
How to create a farm pond for water storage
Details on how to make a farm pond
Groundwater recharge structures
A brief on groundwater recharge structures
The how and why of tank restoration
Restoration of tanks- More cost effective that building new ones
Tank Development - Design and features
A write up on building tanks for water conservation and storage