River sand is preferred for construction because it requires less processing. (Source: P Jeganathan/Wikimedia Commons)
Erosion in high tidal mudflats. (Pic courtesy: ISW)
Unsanitary conditions lead to groundwater contamination. (Image: SuSanA Secretariat, Attribution [CC BY 2.0])
Osmanabadi breed, one of the breeds of goats studied for its climate resilience. (Pic courtesy: ISW)
Village woman shows her fluorosis-affected teeth. (Pic courtesy: PSI)
Manohar's twin pit latrine gets constructed. (Pic courtesy: PSI)
MHT organises poor women around habitat issues in a resettlement colony in Delhi. (Pic: India Water Portal)
NARI solar water purifier (Pic courtesy: ISW)
Watershed management. Image source: India Water Portal
Damini Minj cycles long distance to collect water from Aiba basti. (Pic courtesy: Gurvinder Singh)
Polar regions affect the climate of the entire planet. (Pic source: Pixabay)
Stepwell in front of Khedamata temple at Modi village. (Source: India Water Portal)
Tribal and poverty hotspots coincide with climate hotspots. (Pic courtesy: Yann, Wikimedia Commons)


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