Youth climate leaders join hands with the UN in India to celebrate India's climate action
The United Nations in India launches its climate campaign, We The Change, to recognize and celebrate the green solutions pioneered by young people in India
There is a need for bolder climate action from people, communities and the national and state governments (Image: PxFuel)
Global warming can spell doom for India's freshwater fish!
Climate change is warming river waters and changing their flows. These changes can spell doom for fish that live in these waters.
Fish in the Tunga river at Sringeri (Image Source: Dineshkannambadi via Wikimedia Commons)
Shrinking forests, declining biodiversity - a ticking time bomb!
A fatal tick borne disease is on the rise in the Western Ghat states. Deforestation, declining biodiversity and increasing human animal conflicts are to blame.
The Western ghats forests, under threat (Image Source: India Water Portal)
The holy composting unit
While preventing nirmalya (religious waste) from being thrown in the rivers along the ghats of rivers in India is a dire need, so is increasing public awareness and citizen involvement on the issue, urges Jeevitnadi from Pune.
A composting unit installed in one of the temple premises in Pune (Image Source: Jeevitnadi Living River Foundation)
Villagers’ shramdaan revives canal, enhances area under cultivation
Benefits of well-managed commons on livelihoods
Collective efforts revived the canal structure of Bichhiya dam bringing water to the village (Image: Foundation for Ecological Security)
Disasters build on the impacts of the past
A new UN University report indicates how disasters around the world are interconnected
When a cyclone and a pandemic combine (Image: UNU-EHS/Tanmay Chakraborty)
India needs to wake up to severe air pollution
With each new report, the number of polluted cities in India is increasing
According to a Greenpeace India report released on January 21, 2020, 80 per cent of the country's cities are polluted by national standards (Image: Max Pixel, License CC0)
Transforming wall paintings into speaking walls
An innovative initiative for awareness building and communication on water quality issues
Fluoride contamination is leaving villagers crippled, while authorities struggle to find solutions. (Image: India Water Portal)
Revival of Dohas in tribal Madhya Pradesh
Nala widening and deepening to increase water storage and recharge capacity of the stream
Dohas constructed in a stream in Dindori district. (Image: Action for Social Advancement)
Behaviour change by design, not by accident
Design processes if followed diligently can lead to robust interventions that have an effective impact
Total Sanitation Campaign program of the Government of India (Image: UNICEF and Department of Drinking Water Supply, GoI)
Uranium in drinking water: A growing concern for India
A recent report by CGWB reveals that uranium contamination of groundwater is on the rise with Punjab and Haryana being the most affected.
Uranium contamination of drinking water on the rise in India  (Image: Pxhere)
Lift irrigation cooperatives provide irrigation to tribal drylands
Existing government schemes and programmes offer good potential for scale-up these cooperatives in various states
Simalaghasi check dam across Panam river, Dahod constructed by NM Sadguru Water and Development Foundation (Image: NM Sadguru Water and Development Foundation)
How Paani Foundation harnesses the power of communication for social transformation
Committed to use the power of all forms of communication to bring about behavioral change and transformation at scale
Villagers participating in shramdaan for making watershed structures (Image: Paani Foundation)
Desilting their way to water sufficiency
Augmenting tank storage has good impact on the livelihood options of the poor and the marginalised.
The village pond after the rehabilitation (Image: FES)
Learning about safe water practices and solutions
Safe water learning cards being used to train a wide spectrum of stakeholders
Different combinations of safe water learning cards can be customised for a session based on the target audience (Image: INREM)
Tiny bytes of safe water education
How safe water learning cards can be further contextualized for training the frontline workers
Dividing complex issues into neat modular flash cards (Image: INREM)