Soil erosion threatens agriculture in India
Soil erosion is major environmental problem in India. What is soil erosion and what are the factors affecting it? Read these FAQs to know more.
Healthy soil for agricultural production (Image Source: India Water Portal)
Migrant workers stranded yet again
81% of the workers reported that work has stopped due to locally declared lockdowns: SWAN study
Jeevan Rath 2.0 helped people get back home in June 2020. Migrants from Chhattisgarh were stuck in Pune when CYDA came in contact with them and arranged their transportation and food through support of Jeevan Rath and SwissAid. (Image: Maha C19 PECONet Collaborative/IWP Flickr)
Responding to the second wave of COVID-19 in rural India
A coalition of nonprofits highlights the unique challenges that confront rural India and provides suggestions on how to respond to the second wave of COVID-19.
As healthcare systems in urban cities across India grapple with the second wave of COVID-19, smaller towns and villages too are facing devastating consequences. (Image: ©Gates Archive/Saumya Khandelwa)
Human-tiger conflict in Panna
Resolving water conflict without harm to humans or animals
Human animal conflict has negative consequences for both people, their resources and animals (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
43 percent of water bodies in Meghalaya are polluted
Optimal use of water bodies for various purposes need to be explored: MCLLMP study
Spring chamber with recharge pits (Image: Meghalaya Community Led Landscapes Management Project)
Identification of drivers of deforestation in Meghalaya
There is a need to work on the development of protocols or models, enhancement of productivity and livelihood sustainability
Jhum cultivation in Nokrek biosphere reserve, Meghalaya (Image: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0)
When monsoon plays truant!
While the intensity of monsoon is predicted to increase in India, the accompanying hot and dry extremes due to temperature rise will greatly threaten food production in India, warns this study.
When monsoon plays truant (Image Source: India Water Portal flickr photos)
Mining affected areas and its impact on livelihoods: Meghalaya
Urgent need for a holistic policy on mining of minerals in Meghalaya
There is a need for management of acid mine drainage and contaminated water in mining areas (Image: Environmental Change and Security Program/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA)
Self-help is the best help
Indigenous farmers stand strong against economic slowdown
Farm on wheels initiative in Mawhiang village (Image: Janak Preet Singh)
Why our food systems need to be changed?
Transforming food systems after COVID-19
Vegetable stand at a market in India (Image: ILRI/Mann; CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Scaling up sustainable agriculture critical to improve farm incomes
Study by CEEW proposes several measures for promoting sustainable agricultural practices and systems, including restructured government support and rigorous evidence generation
SRI rice field (Image: Wikimedia Commons; CC BY-SA 4.0)
Support migrant workers through an inclusive recovery process: Rozgaar survey report
75% of the surveyed workers did not have any source of income post lockdowns, 45% reported difficulty due to food shortages and 31% had no access to healthcare
Workers apprehensive of migrating back to destination states to look for work (Image: ILO Asia-Pacific)
A river's story
This is the story of the river Kanari and her struggle for survival against all odds!
The river Kanari and her story (Image Source: Ayushi Trivedi)
Reducing air pollution due to stubble burning in Northwest India
Philanthropy can play a role in mitigating air pollution and environmental degradation caused by agricultural practices in Punjab and Haryana.
A large amount of crop residues are available in western UP and most of these are burnt in the field (Image: Ed Dunens, Flickr Commons)
The first mile goes a long way
Rural youth are a valuable asset. Bringing them on as frontline cadres in the water and agriculture sectors can strengthen rural development.
Agriculture and rural farms in India (Image Source: Rajarshi Mitra Flickr: via Wikimedia Commons)42217