Is your building 'green' enough? - A rating system to measure efficiency of existing green buildings

Is your building green enough?

The Indian Building Council has launched a first-of-its-kind rating system to help owners and facility manager implement green building strategies. It will also help measure their effectiveness and performance in the long run. Green buildings can create energy and water resources within if planned well, thereby benefiting all. 

Government rations water supply to Jayakwadi dam; Bombay high court intervenes

The Bombay high court directed the state government to release enough water into Jayakwadi to tackle the acute water shortage being faced by 200 villages and four cities including Aurangabad and Jalna. 

Multi-pronged approach to fix water quality and quantity in Kerala

Pending projects like building rainwater harvesting units, checkdams, and water purification from ponds and stone quarries will be completed within the year according to Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. These measures will also address water quality issues and increase available water quantity. 

No value for water in Pune

Only 0.20% of registered properties in Pune have rainwater harvesting systems. The rest don’t seem to care and given the increasing number of unplanned developments, this situation will only worsen unless the government implements stricter measures. 

Dehradun says no to Coca Cola!

Activists have urged Uttarakhand's chief minister to cancel the MoU with Coca Cola because of the negative impact a similar understanding has had on water levels in Kerala and Varanasi. Besides stealing water at Doon Valley, the plan will likely pollute the groundwater with dangerous chemicals and metals causing more misery to the local communities

The Gundia hydel project – boon or bane?

The Karnataka government has been asked to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the Gundia hydroelectric power project and the impact it will have on the environment. A recent report cited all the possible damage that could come out of this including submerged patches of forests and other such deterioration to surrounding areas.

This is a roundup of important news from April 22 - 28, 2013.