World Water Week held in Stockholm - Awards and reports

Water Prize to Professor Perry L. McCarty of Stanford University Stockholm Industry Water Award goes to PUB of Singapore Read More. The Junior Water Award goes to a group of Mexican high-school students for their innovative project on the elimination of lead from water in cost- and time-efficient practical method using eggshells - a biowaste. Read More

Some Reports Released at the Event:

  • On the Verge of a New Water Scarcity: A Call for Good Governance and Human Ingenuity "In spite of the fact that physical water scarcity is a dire reality for millions of people, it is still not properly understood nor recognised in many front-line discussions" Read More
  • Agriculture, Water and Ecosystems. "Since the amount of food needed is expected to roughly double by 2050, this is a real cause for concern in terms of water use" . Read More
  • Making Anti-Corruption Approaches Work for the Poor: Issues for consideration in the development of pro-poor anti-corruption strategies in water services and irrigation. Read More
  • Planning for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Peri-Urban Areas: A proposed framework for strategic choices for sustainable living Read More

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All documents here are courtesy the Stockholm International Water Institute. More information about World Water Week is at

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