World Water Day - Delhi walks to save every drop

 Shouting slogans, holding placards and some even enacting street plays, several NGOs joined hands for the walk. Children, youngsters and elders, all jointly poured water into a kalash and took a pledge under 'The Blue Delhi Declaration' aimed at making Delhi completely water secure and self-sufficient in water over next five years.

The Blue Delhi initiative seeks to reverse the current trend of planning for satisfying water demand by exploitative unsustainable use of water or import of water into habitations. 

"Water for any habitat should be geared towards first sustaining and then maximizing usage of locally available resources. Any import should be done after these possibilities are exhausted," a release from the organizers said.

Union Minister for Water Resources Salman Khurshid, who was part of the rally,  said, "I look forward to a time five years from now when Delhi will become the first Indian city to become water secure."

Delhi Jal Board CEO Ramesh Negi said, "(Although) we are trying our best to ensure that every citizen of Delhi gets adequate water, however, the citizens too need to make sure they curb wastage and prevent water pollution."     

Members of NGO FORCE led the walk. Jyoti Sharma, Force president, said, "Remember, a drop of water wasted here is many drops snatched away from someone less fortunate."

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