Where our rivers begin - Water literacy for urban India

For the people interested in water supply to Bangalore a must visit is the Channakesava Hills abutting the Nandi hills and part of the range.


Fisherman on Hessarghatta Lake on the Arkavathy RiverFisherman on Hessarghatta Lake on the Arkavathy River

It is here in a small pond that the Arkavathy river is famously said to originate. It moves down the hill in the form of a spring and enters the first of the man-made reservoirs, called ‘tanks’, the Chikkarayyappanhalli Kere. From thence begins the journey of this tributary to the Cauvery. Passing through a series of tanks built to hold its water for irrigation it comes to the large ‘Nagarakere’ at Dodballapur. The entire drinking water for the town of population 100,000 used to come from this large tank. Moving further on the river comes to the almost 7 sq.km. Large Hessarghatta tank. In 1894 this tank was enlarged and became the first external source of water supply to the city of Bangalore.

The Arkavathy moves further on and where the Kumudvathy merges with is the second large reservoir built for Bangalore city’s water in 1934. The Thippagondanhally reservoir so large that when full it could supply 135 million litres of water daily to Bangalore.

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