Water woes of Bawana and Bhalswa slums in Delhi - Women pay the heaviest price for poor water supply and sanitation facilities- An article in India Water Review

The current global water crisis is preventing water from reaching slum dwellers. The condition of women under such a grim situation is deteriorating further as they continue to fetch water for various domestic purposes. The distance travelled to get water by them and long que cum wait  in which they have to stand at odd hours is a matter that requires immediate attention by those who are responsible in supplying basic services.  

This article in the India Water Review sheds light on the deplorable condition that women in the slum areas (Bawana and Bhalswa) of Delhi, face every day. Despite the huge amount of money spent on various water and sanitation programmes by the state government the condition of water services and that of sanitation continues to be the same.

The article gives an overview of the myriad issues involved in the way Delhi’s water is managed particularly in slum areas. So intertwined these issues are that it brings into light how the government policies and its budget allocation for these important issues are not formulated from gender prespective. The inconvenience caused due to lack of adequate infrastructure both for water supply and sanitation doesn’t only affect the women and children from health perspective but also reduces their productive hours.

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