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VigyanVijay's Eco-water literacy project titled "Youth for Water" in the progress of awareness to youth of different age groups
13 Jan 2009
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The calendar features images from the VigyanVijay's Eco-water literacy project titled  "Youth for Water". VigyanVijay's Eco-water literacy project titled "Youth for Water", in the progress of awareness to youth of different age groups, has evolved a network of institutions with water elements in the NCR- Delhi region. Among these sites, 12 of them have been selected for conducting Eco-water Trails (walks). At each of these selected sites, various key elements were identified for conducting "Water Trials"to the lead volunteers and teachers with keen interest for taking the messages to youth and the communities they are associated with. As a result, Eco-water literacy has been successfully taken forward in various institutions and communities by these trained volunteers and teachers. Basic knowledge levels and the preferences of youth have been taken into account in these training programs organized through the respective Water-trail walks under the project. The main aim of these trail walks is to make youth from different discipline and educational background to explore and understand the heritage, environment and the current issues and solutions attached to them. The program also involved water audit and mapping to understand the routes of water availability, usage and how it is disposed off. They were involved in exploring simple principles and practices to optimize the available water to get the best value from the available water by methods of 4 Rs- "reduce, re-use, recycle and recharge". VigyanVijay's "Edu-tainment" strategy has successfully evolved apt aids, which are both traditional / conventional IEC- materials, and also innovations of using computers and modern electronic media for appropriate S&T communication to the communities. During other workshops, volunteers were involved in making posters and banners, flip-cards presentation, songs and skits, games, water-quiz, E-water learning computer flash games, etc, to the youth and communities based on the eco-water trails. The success of the eco-water literacy is evident with the growing number of lead volunteers. The number of volunteers has grown from a meager 30 last year to nearly 60 at present. VigyanVijay has been successful in strengthening the base of educators-innovators and institutions through this initiative. The youth, who have experienced community service and belongingness, have demonstrated that they have greater potentials to stimulate dialogue and address the issues in the societies they live. The initiative of VigyanVijay has ensured that they have the necessary skills, tools and the training towards realizing this potential. For more information, and to get calendars, contact Er. Ajit Seshadri ,seshadri.ajit@gmail.com Also access the Vigyan Vijay website here: Vigyan Vijay

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