'Water Stories by talking history' - A series of films capturing water practices and rituals in Bangalore

For Talking History's inaugural batch of students, the course project theme was 'Water Stories', capturing water practices and rituals in Bangalore, India.

Talking History is an inter-collegiate course on Oral History offered at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India. The films were made between February - March 2011.

 Doddabommasandra lake

 Doddabommasandra lake is located close to B.E.L circle in an area called Doddabommasandra in Bangalore. This film endeavours to portray the story and memories of drying up of Doddabommasandra through two different viewpoints. The story reflects the pattern in which we are exploiting and losing our water resources.
A short film by Gautam Vishwanath and Kinshuk Surjan

Freedom and love

 A film about the "freedom-seeking" lovers who frequent Hebbal Lake in Bangalore, and the reduction in numbers of visitors due to the privatisation of the lake.
A short film by Neha Shrestha

No water

A European perspective on the inequity of access to water in India, and how it is so easily taken for granted by those who have plenty of it.
A short film by Céline Thizy

Sankey stories

Bangalore's residents reminisce on the journey of The Garden City, from the historic Sankey Tank to the drastic changes brought about by the Metro, new flyovers, burgeoning traffic and other tectonic shifts in the path to urbanisation.
A short film by Ragini Ramanathan and Shrikar Marur

The Dharmambudi tank project

The Dharmambudhi Tank Area (presently Majestic Bus Stand) is the heart of Bangalore City, going from a tank to an exhibition ground to a bus stand in the last 100 years. Now, at a time when it is about to take on its newest avatar, that of a metro station, three people - a priest of a temple once situated at its banks, an erstwhile high-schooler of a Gandhi Nagar school and the wife of an engineer who worked on the KSRTC bus stand - express their memories, hopes and fears of the tank area and of urban development at large.
A short film by Pooja Gupta, Prerna Bishnoi and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

The River flows

Venkatesh came to Bangalore at a young age to start working at the railway station as a water supplier. This film talks about his experiences with Kaveri water in his hometown (Malavalli) and in Bangalore. This film was screened at the ICE Film Festival 2011, Pune, India.
Camera, Direction, Edit: Nikhil Patil and Krupakar Dhinakaran
Life on water

A day in the life of fishermen and their catch, exploring the harsh realities of their livelihood and how dependent they are on water.
A short film by Arav Narang, Piyush Kashkap and Rucha Dhayarkar


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