Water, science and us

Testing is one of the components of workshop.
Testing is one of the components of workshop.

Groundwater isn't understood very well, especially in hilly areas where springs seem to appear and vanish of their own accord. However, as science tells us, there's no effect without a cause, and understanding the reason why water flows where it does can ensure optimal use of this natural resource to support life and livelihood. 

People's Science Institute, Dehradun, has been organising participatory groundwater management workshops to take the science of groundwater to the villages. The aim is to combine the knowledge and resources of the people, government, NGOs and scientists to make India water surplus.

"Since groundwater is a common pool resource, it's essential that we involve the local communities in its management. This is why we have people working with various NGOs attending this workshop. They will go back to their field areas and disseminate this knowledge further," says Anita Sharma, the workshop in-charge.

Participants learn about various rock structures, their water retention capacities, geological slopes of mountains, drainage analysis, aquifer mapping, recharge measures, role of vegetation, water quality, traditional practices and community mobilisation.    

The video below has all the details of the workshop and the impact it has made.