Water saver faucet with measured out-flow arrangement

Water-Saver Faucet with Measured Out-Flow Arrangement-Saves 60% Water

untitled1.bmp Fresh water to-day has become a precious commodity world wide. Water-saving, better utilization of water and avoiding wastage is becoming a universal concern. This New faucet, avoids inadvertent wastage during the usage of water for legitimate purpose such as washing of hands. It is user friendly, Hygienic, Economical, Eliminates leaking taps, Made of recyclable material, and helps in the optimum use of water. One of the basic problems with the commonly used screw-type faucet is that once the faucet is open to wet the hands, while the soap is being applied fresh water is continuously flowing down the drain without serving any purpose. As the time taken for applying soap constitutes more than 60% of the time in a normal hand washing cycle it can be easily understood that a large quantity of water is going to waste inadvertently. Apart from this screw-type faucet can continuously waste water if they are left open due to carelessness etc.

Spring-type or water pressure based faucet with automatic closing are now being used in many places to avoid wastage of water as they eliminate the possibility of being left open when not in actual use. Even though it appears that the spring-type or water pressure based faucet with automatic closing can avoid all wastage of water, a detailed analysis of a hand washing cycle using these faucets will make it clear that the total water actually consumed is more than that of the total water consumed while washing both hands using a screw-type faucet, as both hands are not free to be rubbed against each other for an effective & quick washing of hands, the washing of hands is neither satisfying nor 100% effective in achieving clean hands, which can result in indirect health costs to the user. "Water-Saver Faucet with Measured Out-Flow arrangement"overcomes all the disadvantages of a Spring Closing type of Faucet while retaining all the advantages. "Water-Saver Faucet with Measured Out-Flow arrangement "Has a major advantage that the user Pre-decides the actual quantity of water to be used every time the Faucet is operated, as well as he/she is in a position to continuously pre-judge the out-flow, there by allowing the person to make effective & optimum use of the water. Mechanically Or Electrically operated Metering Faucets which are available in the Market, are highly complicated mechanisms based on flow through orifice in the first case and solenoid valve in the second case, requiring pre-filtering of water using micro filter screens etc and the complications of the devices mentioned above makes them very costly as well as prone to all sorts of breakdowns involving costly repairs. "Water-Saver Faucet with Measured Out-Flow"achieves all the advantages of the above mentioned Metering Type Faucets as well as many more new and additional advantages at a fraction of the cost, as it works on a simple and direct arrangement involving no complicated mechanisms resulting in total reliability in use. Indian patent application has been filed in 2006, International application with search request filed in 2007, global search report from Vienna, Austria confirms novelty, inventive step & industrial application proving that no faucet similar to invention exists anywhere in the world, Working prototype available with us for demonstration & testing. We are seeking support from corporates who are proactive in the field of helping environment & people friendly solutions to the problems facing mankind to-day, for product development etc to bring this product to reality. Contact address for more info: C.V.Venugopalan. 0091-80-26584736, 26585158, beyondbarriers@vsnl.net http://mvbeyondbarriers.com/



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