Water quality booklet from Indian Water Works Association

Guest post from Mr R.A. Altekar of the Indian Water Works Association:

For Indian Water Works Association Mumbai, I have written a booklet `Drinking Water Quality'. The booklet gives information about various aspects of drinking water quality.
Ch 1. Introduction
Ch 2. Microbial Aspects
Ch 3. Chemical Aspects Inorganic Constituents and Organic constituents
Ch 4.Radiological Aspects
Ch 5.Acceptibility Aspects (Aesthetic Aspects)
Ch 6.Sampling
Ch 7.Packaged Drinking Water Quality
Annexures:W.H.O.Guidelines and BIS recommendations at a glance

This 60 page booklet costs Rs 100 and can be obtained from: Indian Water Works Association, BMC Compound, Pipeline Road, Vakola, Santacruz, Mumbai, 400055 Phone 91-22-26672665 ,91-22-26672666




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