The water (prevention and control of pollution) rules - Ministry of Environment and Forests (1975)
A document that details the rules underlying the Water (Prevention & control of Pollution) act and includes information on the committee formed, its powers & functions,its role & responsibilities, budget and associated accounts.

This document provides information on the rules underlying the section 63 of the Water (prevention and control of pollution) act and includes:

  • Title and the definition of terms underlying the rules
  • Information on the terms and conditions of service of the members of the central board and of committees of the central board
  • Power and duties of the chairman and the member secretary and appointment of officers and employees
  • Rules in case of temperory association of persons with the central board
  • Rules for the appointment of a consultant engineer
  • Budget of the central board
  • Annual report of the central board
  • Account of the central board
  • Report of the central board analyst
  • Rules for the establishment and functioning of the central water laboratory
  • Powers and functions of the central board in relation to the union territories

Original document can be viewed here on the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India website

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