Water Portal user interaction at Hyderabad

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In continuation of our earlier meetings in New Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Kolkata, we are pleased to organise a user interaction at Hyderabad to meet all people interested in the Portal. Deepak Menon, Portal staff member will host the meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 3-5pm on Friday, and is free and open to the public

Date and Time:
Friday, September 12th 2008, from 3-5pm

WASSAN (Watershed Support Services and Action Network) has kindly agreed to host the meeting. The actual meeting may be at the office of the Center for World Solidarity, just down the road from the WASSAN office.
WASSAN Office address: Watershed Support Services and Activities Network (WASSAN)
H.No. 12-13-450, Street No. 1,
Secunderabad - 500 017
Tel. No. + 91- 40- 27015295 / 27015296

The meeting is purposely kept unstructured. The intention is to introduce the Portal and what we have been doing and future work plans, and hear from users of the Portal, about their user experience and what they find useful on the Portal. We would like this to be a highly interactive session with people learning about each others' work and making connections.

In order to make the meeting more useful and stimulating we are arranging for some guest presentations from some other groups who have been involved in their own efforts in using information and communication technolgies for the water sector.

1.)There would be a small presentation from C-DAC regarding their INDG.in project which has been doing work in taking information and knowledge to the people in local languages. The website is http://www.indg.in

There would be some more such presentations.

We invite all people interested in the Portal or the general area of the use of IT in the water sector to attend the meeting.
For more details or any clarifications please contact Deepak Menon of Arghyam, deepak@arghyam.org , 9980010962, or Vijay Krishna, vijay@arghyam.org 98801 37097

Note: The Water Portal is an open platform for sharing of data and knowledge. We would be happy to add any documentation from your organisation to the repository on the Portal for wider dissemination. You could bring the material with you to the interaction. It could be in soft- or hardcopy format.




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