Water pledge by Raj Rajaram of IDCA

Forwarded to the Portal by Raj Rajaram of IDCA.This pledge was taken by school and college students in Andhra Pradesh during World Water Day events. PLEDGE TO CONSERVE WATER AND SUSTAIN SANITATION AND HYGIENE I pledge to save water. I will never waste water. I will not contaminate our drinking water. I will not pollute our precious water resources. I won't hesitate to tell my neighbors and others the sad state of water in our holy rivers, lakes, tanks, wells, and streams, and request them not to pollute them. I pledge to conserve every drop of water that I can every day of the week. I pledge to tell people not to clutter our drains with garbage and sweepings. I pledge that I am against open fouling of our environment, and I will practice good sanitation and hygiene. I pledge to celebrate World Water Day on Match 22nd every year and let people know about the importance of conserving water and not polluting our precious waterbodies. Bharathi Theertha India Development Coalition of America Vizianagaram, A.P., India Oak Brook, Illinois, USA JAI HIND
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