Water filters used in a rainwater harvesting system - A presentation by Arghyam

A presentation that deals with filters used in a rainwater harvesting system
4 Sep 2009
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This presentation by Arghyam deals with filters used in a rainwater harvesting system as also in other sources to remove suspended pollutants from rainwater collected. In a rainwater harvesting system, the water comes in contact with several surfaces, such as the roof or gutters. Water sources too are contaminated by various minerals and chemicals. These affect the colour, odour, taste and composition of water.Its flow becomes possibly mixed with leaves or dust.

The various filters used for treatment are described here such as -

  • For sump tanks: PVC drums, Double drums filter, Ferro cement filters, Stainless steel filter
  • For ground level tank: Integrated sand filters

The design, construction and maintenance aspects are explained as the effectiveness of the rainwater harvesting depends on these. The design tips are meant to avoid operational problems and keep the operation and maintenance costs low and maintain water quality. Each type of filter is described for its advantages and disadvantages through the use of pictures and sketches. 

Download the presentation from below:


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