Water conservation initiatives (2007) at GMR Energy Limited, Mangalore

Operating the world's largest barge mounted power plant off the coast of Mangalore, GMR Energy has a specific water consumption of .126 cu m/MWH, which is less than half the national benchmark of .276 cu m/MWH for such plants.

The modification of the SAC Combustor in the gas turbine to a ruggedized one and zero boiler blow down are among the reasons for its success in these areas. NOx water injection reduction, an additional coalescer layer in the air intake system, the use of sea water from the plate heat exchanger outlet instead of raw water for flushing the debris filters and of clear sea water for flushing the chiller debris in the monsoons are some other specific water conservation initiatives.

The financial gains make these modifications particularly attractive in addition to their environmental benefits: The NOx water injection reduction, for example, has led to direct savings of nearly a million rupees each year and indirect savings in terms of heat rate of nearly 32 million rupees.

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Post By: Rama Mani