Water conservation initiatives (2007) at Ballarpur Industries Ltd, Yamunanagar, Gurgaon (Haryana)

The company's efforts to conserve water include technical modification to equipment and operations for improved wastewater management and rainwater harvesting

This presentation describes the wastewater management efforts undertaken by Ballarpur Industries Ltd, Yamunanagar, Gurgaon, Haryana. This paper and board manufacturer has brought about a reduction in specific water consumption from 173 cu m/MT of paper (2003-04) to 130 cu m/MT of paper (2006-07), while waste water discharge over the same period has come down from 169 cu m/MT to 103 cu m/MT.

Besides several technical modifications to equipment and operations, the use of an activated sludge process and the introduction of a tertiary clarifier in the treatment facility have contributed to improved waste water management. Treated effluent is used for raw material wetting, coal ash quenching, ejector cooler operations, evaporator jet condensers, gland cooling, gardening and irrigation of crops. Rainwater harvesting in the mill and the colony are both set to expand.

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