Water Conservation in industry - A case study from Sterlite Industries Limited - Tuticorin and Silvassa

The various initiatives taken up include modification in cooling water arrangement, condensate recovery for filter back washing, reuse of collected condensate water generated by anode casting, rainwater harvesting, conversion of gland packing pumps into mechanical seal, provision of electrolytic cell covers in refinery, control valve provision in storage tank steam line, installation of vacuum pump in rotary vacuum drier, modification for cathode washing, introducing special nozzles for washing, leaching process alteration for steam reduction, installing a 300 m3/day reverse osmosis (RO) plant for utility regenerated wastewater, hooking up plant waste water to the RO plant, taking RO water outlet as input to plant, replacing gland packing by mechanical seals, reducing raw water input, elimination of  steam requirement for 43% production thereby enhancing more return water consumption, and maintaining cooling tower fluorine below 0.2% to enhance more return water consumption.

These efforts have led to a 30% savings in water consumption.

This work won the CII-GBC National Award (Within the Fence Category) for Excellence in Water Management in 2008.

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