Water conservation by Industry – A case study of ITC, Saharanpur

This presentation describes the work of ITC Saharanpur, a cigarette manufacturing company in the field of water conservation. Its water saving projects are centered around re-use of treated water for reducing water consumption, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) based effluent network system in residential areas, rainwater harvesting, installation of Cold Plasma Unit in place of wet scrubbers and installation of a jet spray system.

Other achievements include -

  • Conservation, audits and benchmarking systems to achieve the lowest specific water consumption (water consumed per unit of production).
  • Zero waste water discharge involving treating and recycling all wastewater, through reducing fresh water intake and preventing pollution of fresh water resources.
  • Creating positive water footprint through rainwater harvesting, both at the company premises and through relevant watershed projects.

This work won the CII-GBC national award for excellence in water management for the year 2009, in the within the fence category.


Post By: Amita Bhaduri