Water conservation in industry - A case study of BOSCH Limited (Jaipur)

This has been possible by reducing fresh water consumption by adopting new technologies, utilizing rain water, increasing recycling and in managing water better in the local community. Specific methods employed were conversion of water cooled fan chamber in SQF to air cooled, conversion of conventional taps to sensor based, introduction of zeriscaping in landscaping, water budgeting and audits, recycling of water after treatment in the resin treatment plant, upgradation of sewage treatment plant, installation of dishwasher in canteen, leakage audits, waste water treatment and discharge, better water monitoring and reporting, utilization of rain water in cooling towers, technology up gradation in component cleaning process, water recycling in resin treatment plant, emulsion oil replacement in machining processes, modification in cleaning process before heat treatment, PLC controlled irrigation system and RO cascading with DM combination.

This work won the CII-GBC National Award (Within the Fence Category) for Excellence in Water Management in 2008.

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