Water conservation efforts by Hindustan Zinc Limited, Chanderia, Rajasthan

Hindustan Zinc Limited, Chanderia is India's only integrated mine-to-product zinc manufacturer that operates at zero waste water generation and discharge plant

This presentation describes the efforts made by HIndustan Zinc Limited at water conservation. Recovery and reuse of blow down and back wash water, modifications to the CT Fan technology to minimize evaporation, the use of an ultra low frequency wave & ionization process to treat the water without using chemicals, optimization of the cycle of concentration (COC) of circulating water, a dry fly ash handling system, the building of a storm water pond and the use of treated water for washing roads are among the highlights of the company's eco-friendly initiatives.

The company has actually been able to breed fish in the cooling tower water because of effective treatment for the removal of harmful chemicals. The company exports fly ash as a raw material to the cement industry, thereby supplementing the water conservation gains from the dry handling process with environmental gains in terms of reduced air pollution. 

To know more about the water conservation efforts made by Hindustan Zinc Limited download the presentation from below:

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