Water conservation and Islam ? A blog post by Ausaf Malik

Many of the ancient old age stories describes also in these holy text, but only two religion have more sensitive about to water conservation concept in their religious thoughts, as well as in the traditions also.

Amongst these the religion Islam is more sensitive and curative about water conservation and in holy manuscript text ,in their thoughts, in Islamic Tradition also in the Hadith Text, and the life style of a real Muslim ("Momineen") describes many times in it, about need and importance of water, possibilities of availability of water in future, kinds of water, water conservation practices and methods, punishment for contamination and adding impurity activities and many other rules "As best life style model for a Muslim" and developing the community water resources and their use.

In Islamic Traditions it is generally, commonly well known religious traditions related to conservation and misuse of water-

1- God reveals to Prophet that "He will takes the drop-by-drop calculation details from each every human being about to their total consuming of water, total misuse of water, total innovation practices of water, and it also in Islamic traditions thoughts that, the misuse of a single drop of water, is a retribution activities of a people against God and the almighty God Punished for this i.e. The Almighty God gives hard punishment to that people, who run-away the available water else throne it in ash tray or mixed it into ditch or sand through his activities, without any need and requirement.

According to Islamic Manuscript/text of Holy Book "The Quran "revilasions by Almighty God and "The Hadith" as narrated by companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) S.A.W. are given below here in general conceptual explanations -

  1. Try to minimum wastage and best economically use of water in the life of a people
  2. Always try to "specially designed pots" i.e. "The Lota" to store or use of water in daily needs, The Lota is a best designed pot keeping in view economically use (minimum quantity of water used for a use) of water, and minimum wastage of water
  3. Don't contaminated or added pollutant material in drinking water community resources/ reserwire / commen pit or well, not to be act as it polluted to natural water resources
  4. There are many Hadith narrated by companion of Prophet, about water conservation and harvesting, development of community water resources etc
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