Voices from the Waters 2010 : The 5th international film festival on Water

'Voices from the waters' marks its fifth year into voicing issues and awareness building

2010  begins  as  a  critical  year  not  just  for  ‘Voices  from  the  Waters’  which  completes  five years  of existence  but   for environmental   consciousness  on   the   whole,   as   the   thoughts  and   concerns regarding  the   existence  and   well being   of  our   rivers   and  streams  are   now  being   voiced  in  the mainstream. Now  more  than  ever,  there is  a  call for  awareness, dialogue and  debate to  inform the actions on  which  the  survival  of  our  lifeworlds   depend. We  are  at  an  instant of much  possibilities and  hope.  We are  in  search  of the  voices  that  will guide  us  to  a critical  departure from  the  current paradigms  towards  our  vision  of better futures.

‘Voices  from   the  Waters  2010:   The  5th  International  Film  Festival   on  Water’,  the  biggest,   most dynamic  and  diverse   platform  of  its  kind  invites   you  to  be  a  part   of  the  festival  by  contributing short, documentary, animation and  feature films  on  water  and related issues.

We  invite   you  to   be  a  part of  the  festival  by contributing short, documentary, animation  and  feature  films (DVD format  only) with English subtitles  on  water and related issues.

If you  have  a film  in  under any  of the  following  categories:


  • Water Scarcity,
  • The Dams and the  Displaced,
  • Water  Harvest,
  • Water  Struggles/Conflicts,
  • Floods and  Droughts,
  • Global Warming and Climate  Change,
  • Impact  of Deforestation  on  Water Bodies,
  • Water, Sanitation  and  Health,
  • River Pollution,
  • The Holistic Revival of Water  Bodies,
  • Water and Life

You  can  consider sending it  to  us.  Please  note  that   the  categories are  loosely  conceived  and  your film  does  not  have  to  necessarily adhere to  them  while  focusing  on  the  larger  theme of water.


  1. Entries to  the  Film  Festival  must  include:
  2. DVD of the  film  (with  English subtitles, if  required)
  3. A completed and  signed  copy  of the  entry  form
  4. Three  high-resolution stills  of the  film  (can be sent  via email)
  5. A high-resolution photograph of the  director (can be sent  via email)

Promotional materials are  welcome.

There  is no  entry  fee.

All submitted films  will be  subject to  a selection process  by eminent members of the  festival  jury.

Applicant  must  pay  for shipment of films  to  Voices  from  the  Waters.

Submitted films  will not  be  returned but  will be  part  of Voices  from  the  Waters library,  one  of the largest  resources in  the  world  for films  on  water.

Voices  from   the   Waters  is  conceived  as  a  travelling  film  festival.   The  selected  films  after   being premiered  in  Bangalore  at  the   main   event   will  be  taken   across   to  educational institutions,  non governmental organizations, small  towns  and  villages  across  India.

Please find the entry form here

Contact Details:
Georgekutty A.L.
Secretary, Bangalore Film Society,
33/1-9, Thyagaraja Layout, Jai Bharat Nagar,
M.S. Nagar P.O,
Bangalore- 560033, Karnataka India
Call - 91-80-25493705 /+91-80-9448054513
Email - bangalorefilmsociety@gmail.com or waterjourneys@rediffmail.com
Website: http://www.voicesfromthewaters.com/



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