A visit to Embassy Tranquil, Koramangala, Bangalore on World Water Day 2013

1 Apr 2013
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With input from Habeeb Noor

For World Water Day 2013, people from all over Bangalore opened their doors to showcase homes that had harvested rainwater, treated their sewage, and acted as water stewards. One participant was Ashish Patel from Embassy Tranquil in Koramangala.

Despite a hectic corporate routine, Ashish has been instrumental in coordinating the efforts around rainwater harvesting and solid waste management at his apartment complex. He wants to serve as a catalyst for change, and he has taken the lead to cement efforts, train staff, and motivate people to change their behavior. Although Embassy Tranquil saw low initial participation, as is the case almost everywhere, now most people at least comply with the regulations.

Ashish Patel on the roof  of Embassy Tranquil

The installation of the rainwater harvesting system at Embassy Tranquil cost Rs. 60,000 - the complex paid half, and each owner contributed to the other half. They are currently tapping roof rainwater but are interested in harvesting surface run-off water as well, if they can manage the quality isses. For their water filtration, they use concrete jelly and charcoal. During the monsoon, they have a seen a reduction in their water bills.

Embassy Tranquil has dedicated pipes for its rainwater harvesting (RWH) system

The water enters this filtration system which uses concrete jelly and charcoal

See more pictures from World Water Day on Flickr.

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