Videos: Appiko movement led by Pandurang Hegde helps protect and conserve flora and fauna of Western Ghats in Sirsi and Shimoga, Karnataka

The movement with the active involvement of local community works towards the protection of flora and fauna of Western Ghats, in Shimoga and Sirsi regions of Karnataka.

Inspired by the famous Chipko movement in Uttarakhand, Hegde decided to start a similar movement in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. He states that the land under forest cover has gradually reduced over a period of time. From 82% in 1980s it has now come down to 35%.

Based on these three principles, Hegde has been working on a silent revolution to conserve distinct varities of flora and fauna:

  1.     Ulisu aims to save and protect the resources that cannot be regenerated artificially
  2.     Belesu aims to grow trees for regeneration of the resource
  3.     Balasu aims to use the forest resources in a rational manner
Over three decades of experience in conserving the forest resources, the effort taken by this fiery activist, this video is truly inspiring to watch.