Video documentary on the work done by Dr. Sudarshan for the upliftment of Soliga tribes in BR Hills, Karnataka- A webisode in Chai with Lakshmi

Source of video: Chai with Lakshmi

This webisode gives an insight into Dr.Sudarshan's work with the indigenous forest dwellers, Soliga tribes in Biligiriranga Hills, Southern Karnataka. A recipient of Padmashree award, Dr. Sudarshan is a social entrepreneur and has been working for the upliftment of 9 tribal hamlets by setting up education facilities, healthcare system, better infrastructure and livelihood opportunities to the tribal folks.

Sudarshan’s, journey in development of tribals goes back to his teenage days when, he went around the hills with his family and observed the lifestyle and day-today challenges faced by them.

For three decades now, he has been working to mainstream Soliga population that has shown positive results. He believes that it is important to retain culture and ecology of the indigenous people. His method involves integrating modern curriculum with tribal knowledge, providing free education, vocational training, medical facilities and setting up of eco-resort, which are managed by the tribals. Gorukana, the eco-resort is set up with a motive of promoting eco-tourism and also act as a means for getting funds.