A video conversation with CB Ramkumar on "Our native village", a self-sustaining, eco-friendly resort in Bangalore, Karnataka - A webisode on Chai with Lakshmi

A video featuring an eco resort in Bangalore that is self sustaining and environment friendly built with zero waste attitude.

This video features the ideas and principles behind “Our native village” a resort built for eco-retreat for holistic health. The village is nestled in Hessarghatta, Bangalore, where the founder and creator C.B. Ramkumar has learnt to live and build a model village that is in harmony with Mother Nature.

This self-sustaining and environmental friendly resort built with a zero waste attitude, uses solar energy, wind power and biogas for 70% of  its activities that requires electricity.  The resort has opted for a large scale rain water harvesting system where a tank of 84,000 litre capacity has been installed to collect the water. Further the food prepared here is made out of vegetables grown on its own farms.

Started way back in early 1990's with a personal interest in farming, Ramkumar says that the original idea was to set six little tents behind the farm, which now has been expanded to 22 rooms resort. The idea of sustainable farming kicked off because of the lived experiences of the creator in 12 acres of land. He criticises modern technology, which purely depends on electricity for its productive activities.

This video concludes by encouraging those who want to develop similar resorts based on the concept of sustainability.

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