Video: "80% of waste we generate everyday can be recycled": Interview with Vani Murthy, a Bangalore-based citizen activist

Source of video: Chai with Lakshmi

In a candid interview with Lakshmi, Vani Murthy speaks on solid waste management practices that we follow at home. About 4500 tons of garbage is produced daily in Bangalore, that ultimately reaches the landfill sites, contaminating soil, water and the environment.

Of the waste that we throw away daily, at least 80% is recyclable. Unfortunately, this hidden resource is lost as part of trash thrown away. Segregation at source will not only effectively reduce the burden on the overflowing landfills, but also help in pollution control.

As waste generators, we need to change our behaviour and be responsible for the waste that we generate. We need to look at waste as a resource that can be utilised, whether in the form of compost or recycleables.