Urban development plans formulation and implementation (UDPFI) - Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment (1996)

The terms of reference of the study for formulation of guidelines included:

  • Preparation of spatial development plans and resource mobilisation plans of small, medium and large size urban centres
  • Efficient implementation mechanism and innovative techniques for promotion of planned spatio-economic development of urban areas
  • Simplification of town planning laws and their amendments restructuring.

Three states namely Maharashtra (highly urbanised), Orissa (urbanising), and Himachal Pradesh (hill state) were selected as case study areas.

The findings of the report have been discussed in two parts. Part 1 of the report consists of nine chapters, giving details of the suggested planning system, planning process, plan approval system, contents of various plans, fiscal, land and manpower resource mobilisation, legislative support needed and further actions.

Part 2 contains suggested changes required in Model Regional and Town Planning and Development Law (Volume 2A) and modifications in Town Planning Acts of Maharashtra (Volume 28) and Gujarat (Volume 2C).

Original document can be viewed here on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation website.

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