Udupi in Karnataka, sets standard for water management - Roundup of the week’s news (January 14 -20, 2013)

Udupi in Karnataka, sets standard for water management

Udupi in coastal Karnataka had an old and leaking water supply infrastructure, sourcing water from myriad open wells apart from borewells. Today it leads the way by pumping river water to reservoirs which, in turn, feeds overhead tanks by gravity, thereby providing over 60 per cent of the town’s households daily water supply, reducing leakages and improving collections.

Tamil Nadu asks for increased supply as water crisis looms large in city

High level meeting between governments of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, was held after a gap of six years, to discuss ways for ensuring continued supply of Krishna water to Chennai. Senior officials, led by chief secretaries of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh governments, met to discuss ways to ensure continued supply of Krishna water to the city.

Unscientific mining continues to pollute Lukha river

Despite the introduction of state mining policy to abandon coal and limestone mines in Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, unscientific mining continues to pollute Lukha river. The colour of the water continues to remain blue during the entire course of the winter season due to rampant pollution due to the discharge of untreated acid mine drainage.

States given option of choosing between cheaper grains and cash transfer

To bring about a synergy between the proposed direct transfer of food subsidies and the food security Bill, which will provide legal entitlement for cheap grain to a majority of India’s population, a Parliament standing committee has suggested states have the option of choosing between the two.

Railways platform constructed on land filled using solid waste

Overcoming the apprehension of local people over using solid waste as landfill, the platform II of the Murukumpuzha railway station,Kerala, was thrown open to the public. It is the first platform on the railway network in the country where waste has been used as sanitary landfill.