Twelfth five year plan 2012-17 documents by the Planning Commission

The 3 volumes of the documents for the 12th Five Year Plan, 2012-17 have been released by the government. A brief on the documents is as follows:

1. Volume I: Faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth

The document consists of 11 chapters describing the broad vision and aspirations which the Twelfth Plan seeks to fulfil, as it aims to reverse deceleration in growth and targets a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 8.2 per cent.

Alternative scenarios planning has been included to project the trends of the economy, depending on how the principal socio-political forces take shape. Growth patterns, investment required, major policy initiatives needed to achieve rapid, more inclusive and sustainable growth are discussed.

The aspirations and challenges that guide the plan have been discussed and strategies for meeting these aspirations are spelt out in detail in the individual chapters.

2. Volume II: Economic Sectors

Volume IIThe document is divided into the 8 chapters, each dealing with a separate sector. The sectors are Agriculture, Industry, Energy, Transport, Communication, Rural development, Urban development and Other Priority sectors.

It begins with an introduction of each sector by giving an overview of the present scenario, their concerned issues and challenges. This is followed by a performance review of the 11th plan, its achievements, financial performances and lacuna identification.

The key objectives of the 12th plan program along with the physical targets to be met are laid out explicitly. Also included are its budgetary outlay, the constraints, challenges and priorities faced.

Finally it shows the way ahead by focussing on the strategy and recommendations for the plan, policy reforms to be introduced and various initiatives to be carried out in various areas.

3. Volume III: Social Sectors

The document deals with the socially relevant issues of Health, Education, Employment and Skill development , Volume IIIWomen’s agency and Child Rights and Social Inclusion in its 5 chapters.

An overview of the present system along with the review of eleventh plan performance is given at the beginning of each chapter. The challenges and the required strategy to ensure that all the services in the Twelfth Plan are provided for are emphasised along with the outcome indicators of the plan. Priority plans including convergence across sectors for better outcomes are clarified.

At the end the Twelfth Plan’s objective and targets are defined for each social sector with a focus on the framework required.

Click below to download the Draft Twelfth Five Year Plan 2012-17.


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