Transformation of Surat, Gujarat, to a second cleanest city in India

Surat in Gujarat achieves remarkable transformation as one of the cleanest cities in less than two years after the plague of December 1994 due to proper municipal management

This case study by All India Institute of Local Self Government deals with the transformation of Surat, from a city infested with plague to second cleanest city in India.  This transformation was largely due to improved municipal management, which was brought about by a strong leadership. Its initial success led to a widespread support among the local population and provided motivation for the municipal staff and the elected representatives to make further improvements in the city.

Surat experience has demonstrated that urban local governments in the developing countries have the capacity to face the challenges of rapid urbanization and improve the quality of life of all the residents. This publication describes the various initiatives taken by the Surat Municipal Corporation in the last two years. Under the activities of the Urban Management Programme for Asia and the Pacific, stakeholders’ consultations are being held in Surat. It is expected that the present efforts of the city government will be further consolidated through concerted efforts of all the stakeholders.

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