Training & workshop from Grassroots India : 29th to 31st January 2009

Image & Content courtesy: Grassroots India

Grassroots India announces a Residential training on Case Story & Study Writing. During the implementation of development projects various case stories and success stories generate that can not only reveal the processes of execution but also give rise to many learnings. But these stories remain undocumented due to the lack of necessary skills at the part of organization.
This training will help in the development of such essential skills.

The training will be organized from 29th to 31st January 2009 at Agra. Information regarding course content, registration & more can be accessed online here - Grassroots India:Residential training on Case Story & Study Writing

A Workshop entitled "Cameras In the Project: The Social Photo Documentary Workshop" is also being organized by Grassroots India "Cameras in the Project" is a program for social sector people who want to learn ways to create stories and documentation with still cameras and explore methods for sharing these techniques with their projects. The workshop includes lectures, photo-shoots at locations and hand-on lab work, culminating in a completed project to share in a peer review session.

The workshop is being organized from 2nd - 4th February 2009 at Agra. Details regarding the workshop, planned activities & much more can be accessed here - Grassroots India: Cameras In the Project: The Social Photo Documentary Workshop




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