The tragic tale of toxic Jadugoda: Videos documenting the devastating effects of uranium mining in Jharkhand

The rich treasure of uranium in this belt turns toxic for the ‘adivasis’, engulfing them in severe health and safety issues

A shocking story of ‘Toxic neglect’ (Source of video: womenaloudindia)

Jadugoda, Jharkhand, has the distinction of being India’s only underground mine for uranium, a fuel essential for nuclear reactors. This coveted uranium, however, comes at a huge price for the local inhabitants in the area.

People evicted from their lands, labour in these mines, continuously being exposed to heavy dosages of radiation daily. The toxic waste from the mines is callously dumped, poisoning the air, land and water around it.


Life in toxicland:'Budha weeps in Jadugoda'  (Source of video: GodIncorporated)

Villagers in the proximity of these mines suffer from the ill effects of this toxic substance and face major health problems. Twisted bodies, retarded minds: the children here are born with severe deformities. Reproductive health of both men and women has been affected, the rate of still born children is high, cancer is fairly rampant and death of a loved one is a routine affair.

These videos highlight the stark reality of our so called ‘progress’: the plight and the health and safety issues of the tribals in this area. And the real tragedy  - UCIL (Uranium Corporation of India limited) which is responsible for operating the mines, denies all allegations of any effect of radiation on the local population, washing its hand off this mess!