Toolkit for solid waste management by Ministry of Urban Development

This document by Ministry of Urban Development is a toolkit for solid waste management, which is developed under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. It is prepared with a motive to provide comprehensive knowledge on solid waste management for municipal managers when they implement projects.

The toolkit in its introduction defines municipal solid waste, which consists of wastes emerging from horticulture, construction and demolition, road sweeping, general hose hold, drain silt, market and commercial, institutional, slaughter house waste and dead animals, sludge from STPs and ETPs, treated biomedical and e-wastes. The toolkit then sheds light on the significance of managing the solid waste.

The toolkit has following contents:

  • Rules and guidelines applicable for the management of municipal solid waste
  • Waste quantification and characterization
  • Primary elements of municipal solid waste management
  • Ways to organize solid waste management in city
  • Project financing
  • Private sector participation in solid waste management
  • Performance standards in solid waste management
  • Community participation and role of information education and communication activities in SWM projects
  • Capacity building in municipal solid waste management

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