Toilets in the making: Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) designs eco friendly and low cost public toilets for Delhi



Delhi lacks adequate public toilets especially in the slum areas and unauthorised colonies. To improve the sanitation and hygiene in the capital, Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) organised a design competition for public toilets and dustbins and finalised 4 designs and prototypes of ergonomically designed, on site assembled, high tech toilets.

Hi tech toilet

Hi tech, pre-fabricated, affordable toilet design (Image courtesy: DUAC)

These toilets are pre fabricated, easy to install & maintain and can be built at relatively affordable rates. Offers for prototype have been invited from agencies and the designs are available to all to mass replicate, provided the individual cost of each toilet stays under Rs 1 lakh.

Bamboo tiolet

Eco friendly, cost efficient bamboo toilet (Image courtesy: DUAC)

One innovative design is that of a bamboo toilet, which is a sustainable and cost efficient design solution. It is eco friendly, easy to build and also keeps in perspective the needs and behaviour of the end user in locations such as slums and kachi bastis

The major highlights of the other toilet designs include: 

  • Solar panel on roof, to provide electricity for the toilets
  • Clean natty look using epoxy painted steel and acrylic panels or laminated glass, with a front panel for advertisement space
  • Wastewater from the toilets to be re-used for flushing
  • Water tanks on roofs to make the units self-sufficient
  • Aims to incorporate a ‘dry cleaning’ system, where the dirty water is recycled and used for cleaning purposes

To download the accepted designs by DUAC,  for high tech public toilets and dustbins, click here.