A toilet that loves the environment: A film by the Himalaya Seva Sangh highlighting Uttarakhand's experience with eco-san toilets

The Himalayas are inhabited by 40 million people, most of whom are dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry. The prevalent water scarcity also means a lack of water for sanitation. In this case, both open defecation and conventional sewerage pose a health risk. Conventional toilets not only consume a lot of water, but the effluent also pollutes groundwater.

The Himalaya Seva Sangh with the local communities, have constructed eco-san toilets- locally termed as parisar snehi sauchalayas. The film shows the three demonstration toilets built in the area, and describe the reactions of the people who use it. Two such toilets built in Indwal and Kimsar villages in Pauri Garhwal. The interiews illustrate the acceptance that these toilets receive.

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